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Welcome to Lynam Real Estate

Lynam Real Estate Agency welcomes you to Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island, where we are celebrating over 134 years of home town service.

We are not part of a National Chain, we’re part of the family, right here on Main Street since 1884, providing Real Estate experience and knowledge to you, your parents, grandparents and perhaps even your great grandparents and we welcome the opportunity to serve you!

Lynam Real Estate is a member of the statewide Multiple Listing Service (MLS), connected to other state and nationwide listings throughout the country via computer.

By using our custom search pages, you can select the type, location, and other details you are looking for.  The results are immediately available.

Our new website now has interactive GoogleMaps to aid in directing you to the properties you are interested in seeing as well as the ability to subscribe to our RSS feeds if you are just starting out and want to be in constant touch with all properties on the market.

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